Biology 11 Martin 26 Feb 2016

All blocks:

No Test next week.

Read the appropriate text and workbook sections on Kingdom Monera.

Blocks 2-1 and 2-2:

Jigsaw activity: Be sure you have all the information gathered on the following questions:

Coral Reef –Kingdom Monera questions

  1. What does it mean to be prokaryotic? Explain the characteristics of the eubacteria, cyanobacteria, and archaebacterial.
  2. How are prokaryotes different from eukaryotes?
  3. How are prokaryotes and eukaryotes interdependent in the coral reef ecosystem? Give an example.
  4. What are the general characteristics of the members of Kingdom Monera?
  5. Are humans involved in any symbiotic relationships with Monerans? If yes, give examples.
  6. What are the different cell shapes and arrangements in Monerans?
  7. Draw and label a typical Moneran.

Biology 11 Martin 24-25 Feb 2016

Finish the close reading of the Ediacaran Fauna article, and the Glass Sponges of BC article.

Read the What Sparked the Cambrian Explosion article.

Be sure to bring the notes from the jigsaw activity (answering the questions given in class: What is the role of mesenchyme and pore cells? What is/are the role(s) of epithelial and collar cells? How does reproduction occur in sponges?

Reminder: Test on what we have covered under the “umbrella” of coral reefs will be on 1/2 March.

Science 10 Martin 23-24 Feb 2016

Complete chart on p. 412 in textbook. Practice problems and study for the physics mini test which will be held on Thursday/Friday.

Home made car is due Monday/Tuesday. Be sure it meets the criteria outlined in previous posts.

The workbook answers are posted in the classroom – please check them on your own time before the mini-test.


Biology 11 Martin 1-4, 2-1, 2-2 19 – 22 Feb 2016

Complete the reading and the information chart for Phylum Cnidaria and, now, Phylum Porifera (sponges). You can use the back of the same page.

Complete the microscope drawing and submit next class.

Test – Coral Reefs and all related lessons so far – 1/2 March 2016.

Finish the close reading of the article given out today in class (see here for close reading instructions).


Science 10 18/19 Feb 2016

This will help you with the physics practice problems:

Acceleration worksheet, question #2, time = 5.5 seconds

Motion worksheet #2, question 4, final velocity is 1.9 m/s

Motion worksheet #2, question 5, time = 0.0000113 seconds

Motion worksheet #2, question 6, time = 1.42 seconds

Home made car dimensions (made out of recycled materials only): 24cm long X 12 cm high X 12 cm wide


Biology 12 1-2 Martin 11 Feb 2016

Finish the Digestive System lab. Due at the beginning of next class.

Although you may work together during the lab, any assignments that include wording copied from another student or any other source will not be accepted. Please see school guidelines on academic honesty and lab report guidelines (see previous posts) for more information on expectations for written assignments.

New date: Test – Digestive System – moved to 19 Feb 2016.