Life Sciences 11 10 Jan 2020

Begin reading chapter 18 in test (Protists).

Protist postcard project – Research a protistan species to feature on a postcard. Include the information listed below (based on the chart handed out in class, but also found through online research):

Protist postcard information

Due Thursday – we will have time in class on Tuesday to work on it.

Life Sciences 11 9 Jan 2020

Recent video on Archaea and Bacteria is here.

Assigned video on the science of vaccine resistance is here. It goes along with the handout here.

Article summaries should:

  • explain thesis/big idea of the article
  • include main/important points
  • be kept short
  • be informative
  • be thorough (don’t leave out any important stuff)
  • assume the reader hasn’t read the article you are summarizing

Review/re-read the textbook and workbook sections on immune system (chapter 17 and unit E, respectively).

Life Sciences 11

Virus questions assigned by Ms. Squakin on 19 November:

  1. Refer to diagram E-1 on p. 28 of the workbook. Define the structure in the diagram.
  2. Draw and label the structure in the diagram.
  3. What is the function of the nucleic acid in the structure shown?
  4. What alternative uses does the nucleic acid provide to other organisms (not the virus)?

Life Sciences 11 29 Nov 2019

Block 1-3 – read the Dengue Fever article and answer the following questions:

  1. What is Dengue Fever?  2. How is it transmitted?  3. What does “endemic” mean?  4. What other illnesses are endemic to the Yemen (mentioned in the article)?        5. For the illnesses mentioned in #4, are they viral, bacterial, or protist-caused?     6. For the illnesses mentioned in #4, what is the vector for each?

All classes: Read the remainder of chapter 17 (bacteria) and the unit in the workbook (bacteria). Do questions on p. 31 of the workbook (not for handing in).