Mini Science 10

Read sections 10.1 and 10.2. Make note of the following terms/concepts: Kinetic molecular theory, temperature, thermal energy, conduction, convection, radiation, heat, density, volume. Finish Activity 10-1A lab write up (one per group).

Mini Science 10 31 March 2017

Velocity V. Time graph: Sketch the velocity versus time graph representing a single jump on a trampoline, starting at the moment the person’s feet leave the trampoline and ending at the moment their feet touch the trampoline again. You do not need to number the axes, but do be sure that you label them properly and that you give the graph a suitable title. Be sure to use a ruler to draw the axes.

Be sure you have finished the graph of Activity 8-1C and the two questions.

Complete the Activity 8-1D in the textbook, and answer the included questions.