Biology 12 1-2 Martin 18 Jan 2016

Continue studying for the mid-year exam and working on the reading/workbook sections for the digestive system.

See earlier blog posts for topics covered on the exam.

Chapter breakdown is as follows:

Chapters 1-4, 6, 7, 1, 14, as well as scientific method, microscopy, safety and genetics.

Biology 11 2-1, 2-2 and 1-4 Martin 12, 13 January 2016

Complete the nutrient cycle practice questions handed out in class.  These are for your own practice and will not be collected. See previous blog post for topics covered on mid-year exam. Chapters/sections include:

Chapter 1, 2, 5, 7, 13-15, 47, 48, 9-1, 9-2 (p. 190-193), 10-3 (p. 215-216) and genetics handouts/problems. Also, Appendix B and Appendix C in the reference section at the back of the textbook. Study all relevant workbook sections, as well as notes and handouts.

Biology 12 Martin 1-2 6-11 January 2016

Complete the Human Organization review handout (with notes) and study the textbook and workbook.

Study for the mid-year exam, which will cover all material studied up to the exam date, including:

Scientific method, safety, microscopy, cells and organelles, biological molecules, DNA and protein synthesis, membranes and membrane transport, enzymes, ATP and cellular metabolism, human organization, and possibly the digestive system.

Finish the diffusion lab, which is due 12 January 2016 (see earlier posts and guidelines).