Biology 11 21 April 2017

Read and research the echinodermata, paying special attention to the 10 broad categories we have been focusing on with various animal groups:  classification, body plan/symmetry, feeding/digestion, respiration/gas exchange, excretion, nervous system/response, reproduction, mobility/locomotion, circulation, ecological importance.

Check youtube for other useful videos or watch again.

Science 9 10 April 2017

Test on Electricity unit next week (Tuesday (2-1 and 2-2) and Wednesday (1-4). Use the unit review (starting on p. 337) in the textbook to practice questions.  Do at least 1/3 of the questions, focusing on what you think you need to review most. Try to do some questions from each section/topic. I will not collect these but make sure you have written them down and are prepared to show me the work you completed.

Biology 11 2-3 10 Apr 2017

Finish the Squid lab and read all accompanying notes. Complete the two crossword puzzle reviews included. Remove the last page (mollusk notes) and keep for your reference. Attach the blue squid diagram and notes page to your lab.