Science 9 7 June 2019

Presentations will take place 10 June, Monday, in class.

Please email me your digital presentation by Sunday night, 9 June 2019:

The following is a good resource to help with your final exam studying. Biology will NOT be on the final exam:

Bio 12 all

Fetal Pig Dissection – Part 1 questions:

  1. Measure pig (in cm) from rump (not including tail) to tip of snout. Hint: use a piece of string and then measure the string with a ruler). Record.
  2. Sketch pig on back of lab paper, in pencil, giving detail and labelling structures (no stick drawings or outline drawings… provide some detail, shading, etc).
  3. Using online research, determine the approximate gestational age of the fetal pig specimen, based on size and other features.
  4. Research and give an overview of porcine (pig) gestation, fetal development, typical litter size, etc.