Mini Science 10

Be sure you have done the practice problems for balancing and classifying chemical equations.  Section 6.1 reading should be done (factors that affect rates of chemical reactions).

Biology 11 – all

Practice questions on evidence for evolution as well as elephant evolution should be completed by next class. Be sure you have read the textbook sections that accompany the evolution topics we are covering.

Science 9 – all

Sections 6.1 in the workbook and reading in the textbook were assigned.

Poster on asexual reproduction due next class (section 5.2).

Make sure you and your group are ready to present (30 second – 1 minute) next class.

Poster must include title/topic, labelled diagram (big, clear), 1 – 2 bullet points (in your own words) explaining the type of asexual reproduction, references on the back, and names of group members on the front.

Be sure spider map, reading about mutations, and reading about asexual reproduction are all complete. Spider map and lab 5-1C were collected.