Life Sciences 11 – all

Please watch the video on animal development:

This will prepare you for the next section we study (chapter 30 in text and Section H in workbook)

Life Sciences 11 18 Feb 2020

Test – Sponges, Cnidaria, Flatworms: 24/25 February for all classes.

Complete the stapled assignment (due Thursday/Friday) and be sure you have completed reading of chapter 26. Begin reading of chapter 27 (we will do 27-2 first (annelida) followed by 27-1 (molluska).

Complete the reading of unit H in workbook.

Life Sciences 11 13 Feb 2020

Complete the chart (or equivalent) for phylum Cnidaria. you can use the notes or textbook. Be sure you have completed the article summary from last day ( glass sponge reefs). Work on 3 of the 4 pages of the stapled handout (sponges, cnidaria).