Life Sciences 11 6 Nov 2019

Please complete the cell crossword and the chart on the back of the page (nuclear sap, hyaloplasm, etc). You may have to research online to give a brief description of the function of these cell parts.

Answer the lysosome question:

“What’s the deal with lysosomes?” Do lysosomes occur in both animal and plant cells? Give a brief explanation as to why some textbooks indicate that they only occur in animal cells, while other resources show them occurring in plant cells.

Label the cell diagram (not for handing in).

Complete the reading and questions for the case study “little mito.” Be ready to hand in or use the answers as part of a class discussion.

Life Science 11 23 and 24 Oct 2019

Finish any outstanding work (themes/evolution questions, dichtomous key, cladograms). Read p. 16 and 17 in workbook. Finish mitosis handout and rove beetle assignment (read and summarize on back). KNow and be able to explain the 6 main steps in natural selection.

Life Sciences 11

Complete the “make your own dichotomous key” assignment (include diagrams). Read pages 11-12 in workbook, and try the concept questions on p. 12 (not for handing in; check answers in the back of the book), and be ready to discuss or otherwise engage with the topics covered.

Life Sciences 11

Have a nice long weekend!

Please complete the cladogram practice handout to the best of your ability. Use pencil, in case you need to make changes.

Review all the blog posts here for our class, and be sure you are up-to-date with all the assigned work and readings.