Biology 11 all 9/10 April 2019

Read the following 4 excerpts from the text, and summarize each in a few sentences. All summaries should be on the same sheet of paper, and include the title and page number of the excerpt you are summarizing:

p. 647: The secret life of salps

p. 601: Leeches

p. 628: Agricultural pests

p. 631:  Arthropod Identification Activity

Due next class.

If you have completed part 2 of the grasshopper lab, complete the colouring and all questions, staple parts 1 and 2 together, and hand in next class. If you have only done part 1, be sure it is complete and that you have read part 2 before the lab.

Biology 12 all 3 April 2019

Please check out these resources on heart disease , stroke and stroke, as well as this one on gender differences in heart attacks (up to p. 7, or beyond if you have the time), and use this Note Taking_Guide to take notes while you read. This is not for handing in.

Read and hand in the 3 questions on p. 234 in the textbook.

Read section 13.1 in the text on the lymphatic system, and browse the remander of chapter 13, including diagrams and summary. Begin reading 16.1 and 16.2 on excretory system.