Mini Science 10 22 Feb 2016

Presentations (radiation/nuclear energy) will be held on 27 February.

Presentations:  Present to the class a summary/explanation of the topic or person and its/their relevance to the area of nuclear science and society, important contributions, or other relevant information. Include all sources used. Presentation should include 5 – 7 slides and be between 2-4 minutes. All group members should have an equal part in the presentation and the preparation. Please share the document with me before class on 27 February. Thank you.

Mini test on chapter 7 will be on 1 March. Review textbook and practice problems.

Biology 11 22 Feb 2017

Compound eye:  Using the Animals Without Backbones text (in class only) and other resources (eg. on the web), research the compound eye.

  1. Sketch and label the parts of the compound eye.
  2. In point form, explain (a) how the compound eye functions; (b) the structure of the compound eye (ommatidia: lens, cone, visual cell, pigment cell); (c) arrangement of the ommatidia; (d) image formed (how the image appears to the insect); (e) colour vision; (f) ultraviolet vision.
  3. Record all the sources used.

Science 9 2-1 and 2-2 16 Feb 2017

Finish activity 8-3A. One lab is to be handed in per group. Include a title. You do not need to copy the materials and procedure from the book. Please write the headings followed by “Please see p. 291 in BC Science 9 Textbook.” Include your data in a  table as shown in the book.  Answer the questions given in the lab in full sentences. Be sure to restate the question in the answer, or write the questions out fully.  The lab must be neat and well organized.