Science 9 2-2 Martin 25 Feb 2019

Finish your paragraph on hydroelectricity, using the terms (river, dam, reservoir, potential energy, kinetic energy, mechanical energy), if you did not hand it in in class.

Research your poster topic and be able to work on the poster next class. Be sure you can answer the following questions:

  1. What form of energy is converted in this process? List all energy converstions.
    1. eg. for a dam on a river (hydroelectricity), the water stored in the reservoir behind the dam has gravitational potential energy. when the water is allowed to pass through the tubes in the dam (kinetic energy), it causes the blades of the turbine to rotate (mechanical energy) which is converted by the generator into electrical energy.
  2. How is that energy converted (go through all the steps)?
    1. Eg. hydroelectricity: Water is lifted to a height by the water cycle (precipitation). water at a height has electrical potential energy. the water is allowed to flow downhill and is passed over a fan-shaped turbine, causing it to turn. The turbine is connected to a generator, and as the turbine turns, the generator shaft rotates. This rotation causes electrical energy to be produced by the generator.
  3. Draw a labelled diagram to show how the process works.

Biology 12 13/14 February 2019

Digestive system test will be on 19/20 February, depending on the block. Please finish the respiratory system handouts (physics of respiration, etc) and hand in on the day of the test. Respiratory system case study (asthma attack) will be due on Thursday/Friday 21/22 Feb, depending on the block.