Science 10 Martin 30 Oct 2013

Take notes on Chapter 5 sections outlined in class, focusing on:
1. Acids – what are they?
2. Bases – what are they?
3. Explain how protons and hydroxide ions are involved with pH.
4. List properties of acids and bases.
5. What are salts?
6. What happens when you mix an acid and a base?

Not for handing in.

Late lab reports should be completed, typed, and handed in by next class, Friday 1 November.
See earlier post for more detailed instructions.

Mini Science 10 Martin 30 Oct 2013

Take notes on the the textbook sections given in class and finish the worksheet(s) on acids and bases.
Not for handing in.

Any re-submissions of returned lab reports are due Tuesday, 5 Nov 2013, with the original, marked lab report attached. Late submissions or those without the original will not be accepted.

Please print any assignments submitted digitally on or after 23 October 2013. Until further notice, submit all assignments as hard copy, please. Thank you.

Biology 12 Martin 29 October 2013

Finish and type the lab report for the Potato Diffusion Lab. The lab instructions are on the Moodle site. You must include the following headings in a neat, complete and thoughtfully prepared, professional quality lab report:
Title, purpose, hypothesis, intro/background (where you give background information about the concepts we are concerned with in this lab; please include the source(s) and identify the variables), materials, procedure, observations (data table and graph), discussion/questions and conclusion. Be sure to plot a line of best fit on the graph (do not “connect the data points”).
You may use the purpose, materials, and procedure that I provided on the Moodle site, but the lab must be your own work and cannot be copied from any other source or any other person.
Due Thursday before 3:03pm. You must submit it in class or in my letterbox in the office before that time or it will be considered late. Thank you.

Science 10 Martin 28 Oct 2013

Finish Lab write-up 5-1B on p. 230-231. The lab must by typed and submitted to me next class. Include the following headings:
Title, Purpose, Intro/Background (give a bit of information about acids, bases and pH, and give the source/reference where you found the information), Materials, Procedure (make sure you give information for what we actually did, as we made changes from the book), Observations (this is where you put your data table), Discussion/Questions (answer all the questions on p. 231 as part of the discussion) and conclusion.
The lab must be a neat, complete and high-quality, professional looking assignment in order to get full marks.