Biology 12 Martin 5 March 2014

**FIELD TRIP FORMS** Bring them in, please, along with the $25 fee, as soon as possible. Thank you.

Work on the blood components chart (not for handing in) and finish the case study questions (Iron deficiency anemia). Read section on external and internal respiration beginning on p. 293, and be sure you have read the chapter on circulation.

Biology 12 Martin 3 March 2014

*** PLAYLAND FORMS AND FEE *** Please be sure to bring in completed form and $25 fee as soon as possible. Thank you.

Make notes (and record sources) on 2 or 3 blood clotting problems/conditions.
Also, look up and take a few of your own notes as an introductory exercise on:

Oxygen transport
Carbon dioxide transport
Role of bicarbonate ion in transport
Red blood cell