Science 10 Martin 27 Feb 13

Study for Ch 9 test – Tuesday.  Use the practice problems and study guide posted on the Moodle site (answers are provided).

Finish the Practice Provincial exam questions.  Complete all the questions, and be sure to show work for q. 52-57 and 61-64.

Access the exam on the BC Education website:

Click on Provincial exams, Sample exams, Grade 10, Science, and choose “Sample exam B 2011/2012”

Continue working on the workbook section 9 if not already finished.

Mini Science 10 Martin 26 Feb 13

Finish Sample Provincial Exam questions 51-57 and 61-64 from the “Sample B Exam 2011/2012” available on the BCED website (  Show all work on paper for the questions listed.

Write one exam question based on Chapter 9.  Include the solution showing all work , submit to Google docs.

Test Ch 9 Wednesday 7 March.