Biology 11 Martin 8 May 2013

Continue readings on the Plants in textbook and answer the OH questions from last class (be prepared to either hand them in or answer quiz questions).

Be sure that your review for the final has started.  You should go back to the beginning of the course and begin reviewing notes and textbook sections.  The final exam will cover all of the course content.


Biology 11 Martin 6 May 2013

Read p. 467 + on the seed bearing plants.  Answer the overhead questions and be prepared to either hand in, if requested, or to have a quiz on the material that they cover.

Also, study for the animals test, which is next block (8 May 2013), and which includes echinoderms, arthropods, chordates, and general knowledge about animals.  Use the textbook, notes, and other materials (diagrams, crosswords, etc) to help with your studying.