Biology 11 Martin 16 Oct 2012

Finish the Natural Selection Assignment.  Please complete all the questions up to the end of the third page.

Study for the test – DNA, RNA, Protein Synthesis, etc, as well as Evolution.  Refer to the LG for the sections of the textbook that we covered.

Please also refer to the notes we took in class for your studying.

If you haven’t already done so, please ensure that you have obtained the necessary pages from the Moodle site.

Biology 11 Martin 12 Oct 2012

Test 18 October.  See previous posts for info.

Finish the “Evidence for Evolution” assignment from the Learning Guide.  On the back page (last page), answer the questions at the top of the page only.  You do not need to do “For further investigation” or “Computer activities.”

Please ensure that you have obtained the next assginment from Moodle,  “Simulating Natural Selection,” for next class.

Biology 11 Martin 6 October 2012

Finish the Evolution worksheet (available on Moodle site).  Due today but you can turn in on Wednesday.

Finish Elephant Ancestry Worksheet.  Due Wednesday.

Finish Expectation 3 from the Learning Guide (Notes on evolution).

Please print the next sheets from the Learning Guide from the Moodle site. 

Be ready for a quiz late next week.

Reminder – Clothing drive on Tuesday and Wednesday – Bring any clothing donation you may have.