Biology 11 Martin 23 Oct 2013

Read the case study and the supporting information (handout “Flu Fact Sheet” and “Student Handout for Codon Problem”) and bring them with you next class. Check the website “National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science” at this link
Test on DNA/RNA structure, Proteins, DNA replication, transcription and translation will be on Wednesday, 30 October.

Mini Science 10 Martin 23 Oct 2013

Finish the Magnesium/Acid/Base lab and submit by Friday.
Be sure to include all the necessary headings and information required (Title, Purpose, Hypothesis, Materials, Procedure, Observations, Discussion/Questions, Conclusion).
In the discussion, demonstrate your understanding of the reactions, if any, that you observed, interpret the results and give the full scientific explanation (reactants, products, balanced chemical equation, etc). You should discuss any problems that occurred (did something not “work” and if so, what might have been the reason, or did something unexpected happen? If so, what and why?) and/or speculate on other possible tests that could be done, if you have any ideas on that (eg. “What would happen if…”?). Indicate the source(s) that you used to find this background information.