Biology 11 1-4, 2-1 and 2-2 Martin 21 and 22 Sep 2015

Read the remainder of Appendix C (p. 10 – 11 in reference section of textbook) on the care and use of the microscope.

Finish the microscope crossword. Clue 17 across is difficult to read on the handout.  It is “1 X 106 microns (or micrometers).”

Be sure you have read and understood 5-1 to 5-3 in the textbook.

Mini Science 10 1-3 Martin 21 Sep 2015

Element slide:

Please refer to and select one element for your slide.

Check the spreadsheet shared with us (thanks, Harman!) to make sure no one has chosen that element.  No duplicates, please.

Include the element name, atomic number, atomic mass, whether it is a metal or non-metal, its period and group(family), whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP), some of its characteristics, interesting facts, and applications/uses. Include at least one image.

Please be sure to include references on the slide.

Begin reading chapter 4.  You should aim to finish section 4.1 and 4.2 reading by the end of the week.


Mini Science 10 1-3 Martin Safety Project

This is a repeat of the information given out in class and posted on the old blog prior to it going down.

Safety Project – Due Monday 21 Sep 2015:

Give the name, symbol, and explanation of the safety or WHMIS symbol.

Give an example of the hazard or risk involved. For example, you could put it in the form of “what not to do” or advice on the correct technique to avoid the danger.

Be prepared to do a one-half to one minute presentation on the slide(s). All group members much participate in the presentation.

Email or share the slide with me, and have it on your device/drive as well.

The slides should all be compatible (google slide is what we decided on) so that they can be combined into a single slideshow.