Biology 11 Martin 16 Dec 2013

Read the sections in textbook on Viruses and Viral diseases (Ch. 17 beginning at p. 354).

Finish presentations and be ready to present on Wednesday, 18 December. See earlier blog post to be sure you have all the components included, and be sure to list your sources (where you got the information).

Email the presentation to me by Tuesday night, preferably, and bring a back-up copy to class (on a usb stick, for example). My JO email address is

Biology 11 Martin

Ecology project guidelines:
Project – Ecology – Biology 11
In groups of 3-4, choose one of the following areas to research:
– One endangered species
– One endangered biome (rainforest, desert, etc)
– Pollution problem and its effects on a particular ecosystem
– Effects of climate change on a particular species
– Management of waste to reduce impact on a particular ecosystem
– Results of human population on humans (one particular problem)
Identify what you would like to research, and be specific:
– What is the problem?
– How do we know it is a problem?
– Where is it occurring?
– What are side-effects of the problem?
– Will it affect other species/ecosystems/environmental factors?
– Is anything being done to address the problem?
– If so, what is being done?
– What are your ideas on possible solutions to the problem?
Present your research in a digital presentation format (prezi, powerpoint, etc) in front of the class.
Presentation must be 2-3 minutes long. All group members must speak/present. Presentations will be on 18 December, Wednesday. Test has been moved to after the holidays.

Use powerpoint, prezi, or similar application, check with teacher for other options. The following sequence can serve as a guideline, though you are free to organize it in other ways. A total of 10 slides is appropriate, but you can have more (or less). Try not to clutter a slide with too much information.
Slide 1 : Title, names of group members
Slide 2 : Attention grabber, put a thought provoking question or image here
Slides 3-5 : Explain the topic, what is the problem and why is it a problem (do NOT copy and paste information from other websites, use your own words.) Include images to help explain your points and to make your slides more interesting
Slides 6-8 : Explain what can be done (or what is being done) to solve the problem.
Slides 9-10: What can one individual do to help? Offer advice and tips to the class about how individuals can help to solve the problem or promote awareness.
Final Slide: Summarize or restate the problem/issue; include any image credits or sources