Biology 11 Martin 11 Feb 14

Find the habitat (where they are found) and lifestyle (eg. parasite, free-living, photosynthetic, etc) for the 7 protists we looked at under the microscope: Paramecium, Amoeba, Volvox, Plasmodium vivax, Tripanosoma (African sleeping sickness), Radiolaria, Diatoms. Just give a couple of points for each protist.

Prepare for the Black Death project by doing the following three things:
Go here

Watch the video “The secret in the bones” that is linked on the site, and read the introduction to our project.

Look up some possible articles on the black death:
Go to
Click on Databases tab
Click on Academic Search Premier or
Click on Global Issues in Context
Log in using 39jo and library for username and password
Enter the search term “black death” (be sure to use quotation marks).
Look at some of the many articles that will come up. Check out some of these resources and get a sense of the type of information that is available on the black death.