Science 9 Martin 7 March 2014

Finish project and submit URL to my email by 13 March 2014 (Thursday).
Please send me the URL at Be sure the subject line of the email is “martinsc9project” (lower case) followed by your initials (in upper case). Also name the file the same way.

For example, if I were submitting a project, I would put the following in the email subject line and also name the file that I upload to Youtube as follows:


This naming system will make it easier to organize and sort the videos.

Please also ensure the privacy settings are such that I can view the video.

Have a good weekend!

Mini Science 10 Martin 6 March 2014

Be sure to hand in the (group assignments) Conduction Lab and Energy Transfer diagrams.

Research one article about the atmosphere. Use either the webcat database (, username 39jo password library) or resourse.

Submit a summary (one paragraph) of the article, along with the link to the article, article title and author.