Science 9 Martin 17 Sep 2013

Bring $10 for workbook or please see me if there are any concerns.  Thank you.

Please do p. 2-7 in workbook (safety).  Also, continue with the mini-poster showing the 6 parts of the scientific method found on p. 463-466 (Observation, hypothesis, prediction, variables, fair test, conclusion).  Be sure to colour the poster and show that you understand what each of the six parts involves in conducting a scientific inquiry.

Be sure to enroll in the moodle course (sc9mart 2-1)  by logging in with your JO gmail username (example:  first initial and last name followed by 2 digits for grad year).  All passwords were changed to jostudent this year, so use that to log in first and then change the password.  To enroll in the course, leave the enrollment key field blank.

Science 10 Martin 16 Sep 13

Please enroll in the moodle course.  All student passwords were changed to jostudent this year, so use that to enter and then change your password.

Leave the enrolment key blank when enrolling in the course (sc10mart 1-4).

For homework, finish the graphs we were working on in class.  The information is on the Moodle site – it is called BLM G-07. You an refer to BLM G-07 for the data table in case you need it.

Review BLM G-02, G-03, G-04, G-06 and G-07 and be able to answer any questions listed there.  I will not be collecting these, but please use them as a review.  You should be comfortable with all the BLMs up to G-07.

Please bring $10 for workbook if you still don’t have one.  I will be assigning homework from it next class.  If you have a concern, please come to discuss it with me.