Biology 11 all 14 January 2019

Mid year exam: 4 and 5 February (depending on the block). The exam will cover scientific method, safety, microscopy, the cell, genetics, evolution, and protists.

You are allowed one optional notes page, 8.5″X11″ letter-sized piece of paper, one-sided notes to bring to the exam.  It must be hand-written by you (not photocopied, printed, or copied from someone else).

For Block 1-3 only: We haven’t begun the protist posters yet. We will do so next class. Thank you.

Research the following protists and answer the questions for each:  amoeba, paramecium, euglena, spirogyra, volvox, trypanosoma, and plasmodium. Use pages 437 – 438 and chapter 18 in the text.

  1. Is it an animal-like, plant-like, or fungus-like protist?
  2. What is its Phylum?
  3. Is it free-living or parasitic (if parasitic, what disease does it cause)?
  4. What is its ecological role?