Biology 11 2-1, 2-3, 1-2 and 1-3, 10/11 Oct 2018

Study for test on 15/16 October.

Finish the microscope drawing and include all the needed information. Be sure all calculations are on the back of the page. Information from the overhead projector today:

Microscopy lab:

  • clear bench, clear aisles
  • have pencil, eraser, unlined paper on bench; have “proper use” page out on bench
  • pick up microscope and slide
  • follow proper procedure to find a suitable cell to draw, use medium or high power
  • set up paper as per sample (front board)
  • draw carefully and in detail
  • identify the cell cycle stage depicted; your title will be based on this (eg. “Allium cell during anaphase”)
  • using your knowledge of mitosis/cell cycle, label the drawing appropriately (use a ruler and align all the wording outside the circle in a neat column)
  • do not add detail that you cannot see through the microscope
  • on the back of the sheet, record the power and the number of times the specimen fits across the field of view (determined while looking through the microscope) and use this to do you calculations later