Biology 11 1-1 17 Nov 2017

Finish Drosophila diagram and label it. Be sure it is detailed and of high quality.

Label the head, thorax, abdomen, compound eye, wing, sex comb (if present), bristles, any other anatomy that is visible and that you can recognize.

Title the drawing and underline the title. Indicate whether the specimen is a male or female. Include your name, block, and the date.

Science 9 1-4 and 2-3 14 and 15 Nov 2017

Finish the diagram from p. 205 (sea urchin fertilization and early development). Be sure the diagram is labelled:

A – fertilization: sperm meets egg; sperm nucleus enters egg.

B – zygote – diploid cell that results from fertilization

C – 1st mitotic division – 2 cells

D – 2nd mitotic division – 4 cells

E – 3rd mitotic division – 8 cells


Be sure you have finished and handed in the meiosis diagram (see p. 191), labelled. This was assigned earlier and has been collected.

Biology 11 2-2 and 2-4, 14 Nov 2017

Finish the unifying characteristics of Phylum Arthropods, as well as the 4 subphyla (Trilobita, Uniramia, Crustacea, and Chelicerate). Just give point form information describing the main characteristics of each group.

Finish the drosophila diagram (labelled).

Study for the test on genetics/case study next class.

Science 9 1-4 7 Nov 2017

Finish the reading about asexual reproduction handout, as part of your studying for chapter 5 test next class. Golden Rice and GMOs will also be on the test.

Review all notes, textbook and workbook sections, activities, etc.