Biology 12 2-1 6 Nov 2017

Study for the practice test on 8 Nov (membrane structure and function and transport). Study all notes, case studies, and other resources such as the text (chapter 4). Actual test will be on 16 Nov. No alternative dates given for practice test.

Lab report (see guidelines) will be due after the test, 20 November.

Prepare the lab as follows:

Title: Write an informative, relevant title.

Purpose (see guidelines; includes objective, introduction and hypothesis): To determine the effects of osmosis on two samples of salt solution (NaCl) ([low] and [high]) in tap water, and the movement of materials across a semi-permeable membrane.

Materials: List all used.

Procedure – List all steps, disposal, safety precautions, etc.

Observations/data table – Present data, measurement, diagrams, sample calculations, other observations, etc.

Discussion – explain what occurred, what the results show, any sources of error, anything unexpected, etc.

Conclusion – relate findings back to the purpose and to the processes being investigated.


Science 9 2-3 2 Nov 2017

Be sure you have read section 6.1 in the text and have completed the previously assigned work book pages (see previous posts.)

Test on chapter 5 (mitosis and asexual reproduction) will be next week, so be sure to study for it.

Biology 11 1-1 3 November 2017

Study for the practice test on Tuesday, 7 Nov (genetics). It will be based on chapter 9. Be sure you have read chapter 10, as well. We have covered some of the topics in chapter 10 (gene linkage, mutations), and you should review these by going over the chapter. Be sure to also go over the genetics problems we worked on together.

Science 9 1-4 1 Nov 2017

Please read the other side of the golden rice debate, and prepare notes that you will use to debate whether GR is a good method to address vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. Bring all the papers with you to the next class.

Biology 11 1-1 1 Nov 2017

Please begin reading chapter 10, if you haven’t already.  Continue to work on the genetics crossword for review.

Genetics practice test will be on 7 November, and the actual test will be on 15 November. No alternative dates will be given if you miss the practice test.

Biology 12 1-2 1 Nov 2017

Membranes practice test will be on 7 Nov and actual test will be on 15 Nov. No alternative date will be given if you miss the practice test. Please continue on your notes, reading, handouts on membranes and membrane transport. Read and answer the questions on the hyponatremia case study.