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Life Sciences: Great Resources for Evolution

Life Sciences: Lumen Biology Resources


Main Topic Content Web Address
Evidence for


Intro https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/introduction-7/


  Study Guide https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/study-guide-introduction-to-evolution/


  Animal Phylogeny https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/the-evolutionary-history-of-the-animal-kingdom/


  Evidence of Evolution https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/video-evolution-its-a-thing-crash-course-20/


Mechanism of Evolution   https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/study-guide-mechanisms-of-evolution/


  Natural Selection https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/video-natural-selection/


  speciation https://courses.lumenlearning.com/wmopen-biology2/chapter/speciation/


DNA and populations and Evolution   https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/population-evolution/


  Adaptive evolution https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/adaptive-evolution/


  Genetics and Evolution https://courses.lumenlearning.com/biology1/chapter/video-evolutionary-development-chicken-teeth-crash-course-17/


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Life Science Lesson Nov. 4th 2020

Bio 11 Lesson Plan

Date Nov 4th2019


Unit or Concept Specific Task Resource
Last Class

Kingdom of life

Worksheet using hand out. Text book
Pre test resources List format

1)Three specific pieces of information”

2)Scientific method


3) Kingdoms of life


Online resources


Acme Guide


At vsb blogs “the big picture”


Listed a Bio 11 notes “Text one acme guide”


Listed as Bio 11 lesson plans Nov 4th, 2019

Review of Taxonomy sheet Hand example to show phylogenetic key vs dichotomous key.

Start specific questions

For duotang

Some sample questions

Due next week

Focus on concepts within questions that need to be explored.

Review of

Evolution sheet

Start with specific questions For duotang

Due next week

Some sample questions

Some words to explore in evolution


Phylogenic Tree Phylogenetic tree assignment

Species are classified based on evolutionary relationships

Due at the end of the month
Online references Scientific Method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi0hwFDQTSQ


  Taxonomy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F38BmgPcZ_I




  Kingdoms of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQccyAvSR0E



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Life sciences Acme Guide

Acme Guide Test One


Scientific Method Focus Question Resources from class
Taxonomy   7 in text and Unit E in study guide
  How is a binomial name created for an organism? Worksheets
  What are the two parts of a binomial name?  
  Which comes first in a binomial name, genus or species? Why is one name capitalized?  
  Are species classified by their presumed evolutionary relationship?  
  What is the scientific name for humans?  
  According to the binomial classifications system, what phylum do humans belong to?  
  According to the binomial classification system, what class do humans belong to?  
  According to the binomial classification system, what family do humans belong to?  
  Why is Latin used to classify living things?  
  Does a dichotomous key consider evolution?  
  Do dichotomous keys use qualitative or quantitative properties of a living things?  
  What is the difference between a dichotomous key and a phylogenetic key?  
Five Kingdoms of life What is the sequence of most diverse life forms to specific life forms, starting with the idea of Kingdoms Chapter 1

Worksheet and handout

  Which kingdom do Bacteria and cyanobacteria belong to?  
  Molds and mushrooms belong to which kingdom?  
  Moss and ferns belong to which kingdom  
  Humans belong to which kingdom?  
  What is the taxonomic sequence starting from the most specific to the most diverse?  
  Where the kingdoms of life made up prior to any theories?  
  How are prokaryotes and eukaryotes similar and different?  
  How do kingdoms help explain the number of cells and organism has?  
  How do kingdoms help explain specific activities of life?  
Scientific Method All scientific inquiries begin with what activity? 1
  What is a theory?  
  What does biology prefer objective vs subjective inquiry?  
  What is the Cell theory  
  What is the Gene Theory  
  What is the Theory of abiogenesis?  
  What is the evolutionary theory?  
  A tentative explanation of an observation is what?  
  If someone proposed a testable idea and after many different types of tests of that idea what would you have?  
  What is the proper sequence of the scientific method starting with a testable idea?  
  Do the conclusions of an experiment ever change?  
  Why do scientist use something called the scientific method?  
  Can a hypothesis be proven true?  
  What is the definition of a control?  
  What is the experimental variable and what is its function?  
  Do scientist report all their findings as a newspaper article?  
  What is the last step of the scientific method and can it change?  
  If something is proposed to be “true” in science, what is it referred to as?  
  Do all scientific experiments need to be published?  
  When conducting an experiment, why is the function of randomizing test of a variable and picking the same species?  
  Are ethical and moral questions testable?  
  Do all hypothesis need to be proven false?  


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Anatomy and Physiology:How does a cell work?

How does a cell work?

You mission is to make three detailed diagrams of organelles and building blocks to make”

a) Pathway from Nucleus to cell membrane to make a protein.

b) Pathway to make a complex fat (such as steroids) and or detoxifying an alcohol to make a fat.

c) Pathway into and out of a mitochondria.


Step one:

Make a labelled two dimensional drawing of organelles involved for three pathways.

Step two:

Include building block to make specific biomolecules and also show where these building block come from.

For example: Lysosome to make amino acids that are then transported to ribosomes to make protein.

Step Three

For cellular respiration you should include pathways (by name) within the mitochondria matrix. Also show construction of ATP including ATPase and concentration gradient. In one half of mitochondria show what is going into the mitochondria, on the second half, discuss what is being constructed and then released from the mitochondria.

Not that you should pay attention to all molecules including: biomolecules, water, hydrogen and possible ions.

This sheet will be used to answer specific multiple choice questions.

It should be prepared for next class.


Please look at the following to get a better understanding of working of cell



Smooth ER




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Life Science Chem of life tips.

Carbohydrates..how sweet they are..

What are three names of simple sugars?

Why are simple sugars in your diet more harmful that starch?

Why are these almonds I am eating sweet?

Why use brown sugar instead of white sugar?

What are the different types or sources of sugars?

How are glycogen, starch and cellulose similar or different?

What is up with gluten and gluten free diets?

Did you know Oreo cookies are gluten free?

FAT! …no way…Lipids!

What the different structures and functions of lipids.

How is cholesterol both “good” and “bad”?


What are the building blocks of proteins and what chemicals or functional groups do they have?

What molecules are coded to make protein?

What three nucleic acids have an acid, a base and a sugar? How are they similar or different?

You planning to do IronMan in Hawaii…next summer..Woot Woot!

How would you alter your diet to produce muscles three months before the event?

How about a month or even the days of the event?

Remember..you are what you eat!

So I will continue munch this trail mix and ponder on what to have for dinner!



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Night before exam and all through the house..

For Bio 12 Anatomy and Physiology Students..

Please get some sleep tonight!

Here is a site with good data for your cheat sheet.

Chemistry of life Water https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-biology/chapter/water/


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For Anatomy and Physio folks.

Seeking a way to find out what you know for Chapter 2 Quiz

Go to this link


You will want to make this a book mark.

Notice that this is for the full text. Check to see how current some answers are though.

Have a great weekend.


Mr. C

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Life Science 11 L-10 Sept 27th 2019

Life Sciences L 10 Sept 27th2019


Topic Content  
Intro Adaption and law of super position



1.    any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts that results from natural selection and by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment.

2.    a form or structure modified to fit a changed environment.

3.    the ability of a species to survive in a particular ecological niche, especially because of alterations of form or behavior brought about through natural selection.

4.    https://www.dictionary.com/browse/adaptation

Note that this can be a change in behaviour as well as structure. The big take home point is the ability to adapt allow the species to reproduce.


Law of superpostion



Take home..just like your laundry pile, oldest is on the bottom and youngest is on top.


Chapter Two: Defining Adaption and layers of the earth



Where are we going?



Evidence for evolution



Amoeba sisters present evolution (start of playlist)



BC’s own..Baba Brinkman




Lab Barbellus Lab Handed out in class

Three sheets








  Your mission Prior to cutting out each species, colour in what you feel are adaptations.

Look at how structures could show a possible adaption.

So what two primary environments?

Note: Due to law of superposition, the youngest species has to be showing up last on your diagram.

Propose “the story of barbellus” by looking at changes with structures with time.

Consider the following:

Which species became extinct and why?

Which species may have moved to a new locations?

How do species structure give you clues as to which environment they may have adapted to?

  Vocab sand concept search Divergence vs Convergence

Dominant and recessive traits

Compare a phylogram to a cladogram

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L 8 Life Sciences Sept 23rd, 2019

Life Science (L8)  Sept Lesson Monday 23rdSept


Intro Content Evaluations and Resource
Topic One   Chop wood, carry water


Dream big, think small


Topic Two Structure Four Sheets

a)     Class outline

b)    What is on the quiz

c)     Gap notes and location of binder

d)    Do dichotomous key


Topic Three Subject of taxonomy Gap Notes and how humans are classified


Crash course on taxonomy



Human Classification



Khan academy tree of life



Topic Four Dichotomous Keys Talk on how to make a key


Using a dichotomous key



Take home You want to change the world The original speech



Handed out 4 sheets 1: Class expections and outline

2: Learning outcomes for scientific method

3: Gap Notes

4: Alien dichotomous key

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Lesson 7: Anatomy and Physiology Sept 18, 2019 Lipids and Proteins

Anatomy and Physiology 12  ( L7)  Sept Lesson Wednesday 18


Intro Content Evaluations and Resource
Topic One Biology is a story

“Feed the good wolf”

“Make tea”




Topic Two Lipid structure and function Lipid notes

In class power point

Khan Academy


Bowman Biology



Topic Three Whoops with lipids, trans fats and steriods Video on trans fats


Video on steroids

Pro and Cons


Role of Cholesterol



Topic Four Intro to Proteins Khan academy / Protein Structure


Bomen Biology/ Proteins



Take home   You are what you eat. Take time to feed the good wolf and when stressed..drink a cup of tea! Now..study up on functions of protein.


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