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Anatomy and Physiology (muscle cells) Jan 10th 2020

Anatomy and Physio Tissues Labs (Muscle Tissue) Jan 8th 2020



Topic Key Points Resource


Organs are made of tissues Worksheet labelling tissues found in anatomical structures

Three  types of muscle tissue

Skeletal muscle

Cardiac muscle

Smooth muscle

Overview by Khan academy



Skeletal muscle Are defined by structure and function

a)     Voluntary (controlled movement)

b)    Striation due to overlapping protein.

c)     Due to overlapping muscle bundles they appear multi nucleated



Cardiac Muscle Are defined by structure and function

a)     Involuntary ( autonomic nervous)

b)    Cylindrical fibres

c)     Intercalates discs ( join cells )

What is the function of the intercalated discs?




Smooth muscle Are defined by structure and function

a)     Spindle shaped fibres

b)    Central nuclei

c)     Found in walls of internal organs or viscera.

d)    Contracts (involuntary via autonomic system.

e)    Called “smooth” due to lack of striation

Which organs have smooth muscle?

Videos on muscles

Crash Course



Muscle Basics for Athletes



Take home The job of muscle is to move something.

Striation is linked to what?

What organelles would be in muscle and why?

What elements are vital for muscles and why?

Worksheet handed out for lab
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