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Bio 12 Mind check for Digestion Quiz

Digestion Quiz 3 : Hormones, Disease and nutrition



Mouth to stomach 1.     So what disease is linked to poor dental care and inflammation of gums.
2.     What is the effect of large populations of Helico pylori in the stomach
Hormones 1.     What are the four hormones of the digestive system
2.     What influences the secretion of these hormones.
3.     An inflamed gall bladder would cause pain, which hormone would trigger this?
Disease 1.     There are a variety of intestinal disorders, are hemorrhoids one of them?
2.     Failure of the pancreas to produce insulin with cause which disease?
3.     Failure of the pancreas to produce sodium bicarbonate with cause what symptoms?
4.     If the large intestine becomes irritated and peristalsis increases, what symptom would occer?
5.     How are hepatitis A and B controlled by public health measures?
6.     What causes jaundice and what are the symptoms
7.     Anemia is a symptom for which food deficiencies?
8.     What causes anorexia nervosa? What are the symptoms?
9.     Can the well being of bones and the heart be affected by having to many or two few nutrients? What are they?
Diet 1.     Considering the USDA recommended diet, what are some things that should be in a well rounded diet.
2.     What are some know facts about LDL and HDL lipids and cholesterol build up?
3.     What is the role of antioxidants and where can they be found?
4.     Eating probiotics increase the population of bacteria in the large intestines. What can these bacteria provide through their metabolism?
5.     What are four diseases that can be due to deficient or excess diets?
6.     Too much protein can lead to what symptoms?
7.     What excess in nutrients can lead to dehydration?
8.     What causes appendicitis and which organ is responsible for this disease?
9.     What causes lactose intolerance and what are the symptoms?
10.  Why are simple sugars called empty calories?
11.  Why are some amino acids called “essential amino acids”?
12.  Can a low saturated fat and low cholesterol diet lower blood cholesterol and LDL levels
13.  What is the role of dietary fibre?
14.  Does a high level of saturated fats reduce levels of LDL to cholesterol in the blood?
15.  Is obesity a disease or a disorder?
16.  What is the order of fat digestion from the lumen of intestine to the blood stream? How would this be influenced do to removal of gall bladder.
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