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Life science notes Jan 13th Protist

Life Sciences Bacteria and Protist Jan 13th 2020


Topic Key Points Resource
Bacteria Phone Lab Testing how much bacteria on phone before and after antiseptic wipe Which gets read of more bacteria, a disinfectant or an antiseptic. Which is used on living surfaces
  Remember your petri dish number is both your block and class room number.

Note that sample a is before using wipe, and b is after using wipe

Make sure to have three photos.

1 start of incubation

2. one day after incubation

3. two days after incubation

Protist G-1 Complete questions in G 1 G-1 Sheet
Getting to know Protist Online treasure hunt Use the references below


Pelagic food chain diagram



Resource Notes Getting to know protist


Basic Biology


University notes



  Videos Basics of Biology


Kingdom Protistaa

Life in a pond



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