Biology 12 Martin 3 Dec 2013

Continue working on the ATP review sheet (second page of notes) and be sure that you have read the textbook sections.
Complete the “Biology 12 Questions” that I put on the moodle site today and projected in class. We will discuss these next week, so there is time to work on them. Be sure you check out the resources on the Inquiry Into Life website and go to Chapter 7.

Biology 12 Martin 22 Nov 2013

What’s Your Type event – Monday 25 November in class. Great opportunity to learn about blood and blood type from the experts.
We will be having a special presentation from Canadian Blood Services called “What’s Your Type.”
We will learn about blood type, blood donation, and will have the opportunity to find out our blood type, if we wish. (Note – this is completely voluntary and involves only a small finger-poke, for those who wish to find out their blood type.)

**IMPORTANT NOTE** If you are 16 years of age or younger, a signed parental consent form is required for the blood typing. Please download the attached form, print, and bring the signed consent form to class, if you wish to have your blood type tested. Anyone 17 years of age or older can sign on their own behalf.

Click here to access the form.WYT ENG Registration_2sides Oct 16 2008_WithEditableFields

Please bring your enzymes questions and ensure you have finished the problem sets.
Enzymes test is on 3 December. Please also bring the Insulin Case Study.