Biology 11 all 15 May 2019

Study for test Tuesday/Wednesday, 21/22 May, on chapters 27 and 28. Test on Echinodermata and Chrodata will be the following week, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Be sure you have completed the frog pre-lab assignment, and part 1 of the frog lab. They will be handed in, stapled together, after you have completed part 2.

Biology 11 all 13 May 2019

Finish parts 1 and 2 of perch lab, staple, and hand in.

Complete a phylum chart (see previous examples) for Echinodermata (if not already done) – for your own notes.

List defining characteristics of all 8 classes of vertebrates (if not already done) – for your own notes.

Complete the frog dissection preparatory activity if you received it in class (day 2 classes only) – due next class (wednesday or thursday).

Test – 21/22 May – chapter 27 and 28 – Annelida, Molluska, Arthropoda

Test – 27/28 May – Echinodermata and Chrodata

Bio 11 all

Finish part 2 of perch lab, and staple both parts together. Hand in.

List the defining characteristics of the 8 classes of the Sub Phylum Vertebrata. Not for handing in, but you must know this information.

Read about Phylum Echinodermata (sea stars and their relatives) in the text and make a chart (same one we used before) as your notes. Not for handing in.