Biology 11 2-4 27 Sep 2017

Work on the meiosis review sheet (to the best of your ability, using textbook pages 164+). This fill in the blanks page and link may be helpful.

Be sure you have studied the organelle diseases syndromes covered in class. You do not need to memorize each one, but please know the general problems that can occur when organelles are not functioning properly, and what organelles can typically go wrong.

Continue with your reading of chapters 3-4 (finish by Friday, if possible).

Continue with your DNA structure handout (sections A-D).

Watch the videos suggested earlier, if you haven’t done so already:

DNA and RNA: Bozeman Science part 1 (12 mins)

DNA and RNA: Bozeman Science part 2 (10 mins)

What is DNA?: Bozeman Science (10 mins)

Nature of science, Bozeman Science (8 minutes)

Mitosis and Meiosis, Bozeman Science (13:40 minutes)

How to use a microscope (26 minutes)

Water: A polar molecule, Bozeman Science  (8:40 mins)

Crash Course: Water – Liquid Awesome (11:20 mins)

Mock quiz next Tuesday (not for marks).