Biology 11 29 May 2017

Continue sketching plant anatomy and making observations.   Read the section on plants in the textbook.

Be sure you can answer all 8 questions that we covered in class (jigsaw activity):

  1. When/where on Earth did multicellular plants evolve? What was the Earth like then? What was the atmosphere like?
  2. By what process do plants obtain food? Be able to explain the process briefly.
  3. What green (usually) compound is required for the process in #2 to occur?
  4. What waste(s) are given off by plants as a byproduct of the process in #2?
  5. List examples of organs of reproduction in plants.
  6. What conditions affect land plants that are not encountered by aquatic plants?
  7. What is the function of roots?
  8. What is the function of leaves?