Biology 11 all 9-11 May 2016

Study for Mollusca/Arthropods test (Thursday and Friday, depending on the block).

Grasshopper lab is due in class on 10/11 May, respectively and depending on block.

Work on echinoderm diagrams and question(s) and bring to class next time.

Biology 11 3 May 2016

Prepare for squid lab (next class or the following class)

Test next week (date TBA) on Molluska, Echinodermata and Arthropoda.

Squid Lab Preparation:

  1. Draw and label a diagram of the squid showing all the organs of the mantle cavity.
  2. Explain the structure and function of the following (specifically for the squid, not just for mollusks in general): shell, mantle, collar, funnel, ink sac, arms and tentacles, suckers, jaws/radula, gills/circulatory system/capillaries, nervous system, image-perceiving eyes.