Biology 12 1-2 Martin 5 October 2015

Please complete the case study questions (you should have them copied from class today).
The following discussion questions will help you in answering the case questions.
1. Why is the water molecule polar?
2. What kind of intermolecular force is found among water molecules?
3. List the significance of four unique properties of water, and explain how they create an environment favourable for life.
4. Explain the difference between hydrolysis and dehydration reactions.
5. Compare briefly the significance of photosynthesis and respiration, and generally describe the organisms in which they are found.
6. Summarize the biological pathways available to glucose after being absorbed into the bloodstream.

You may complete these questions either in a group or individually. Remember that the value of the case study is working together to find solutions and/or answers to the problem. Be able to discuss the case and answers to the questions during a class discussion or answer them on a quiz.