Science 10 1-1 and 2-3 Martin 22 and 23 Sep 2015

Finish the diagram of the atom (see p. 170 or the workbook for some good examples). Label the diagram, and list as many facts/points about the atom and atomic bonding as you are able.

Complete section 4.2 in the workbook.

Go to You were assigned a number in class. That number corresponds to the atomic number of the element you will research on the site. For example, if you were assigned #1 by me in class today, that means your element is atomic #1, Hydrogen. If you are #2, that is Helium, and so on.

You will make a mini poster for next class. On an 8.5 X 11 inch piece of blank paper (no lines), provide the following information:

On the mini poster, show:
the element name,
atomic number,
atomic mass,
whether it is a metal or non-metal,
its period (horizontal row on the periodic table)
its group(family) (vertical column on the periodic table),
whether it is a solid, liquid, or gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP),
some of its characteristics,
interesting facts,
and applications/uses (what do we use that element for?)
Include at least one image.

Please be sure to include references on the mini poster (list all sources that you used).

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