Science 9 Martin 8 May 2013

Review the notes on the Moodle site – Earth motions and More on the Moon.

Final exam review – please ensure that you have begun your review of earlier chapters for the final exam.  Chapters 1-9 will be covered.  You should have reviewed the Safety, Scientific Method, and Chemistry sections (Ch 1-3) .

Be sure you are working on the workbook sections for astronomy, Ch. 10-12.

Project is due on 21 May 2013 for period 1-4 and 22 May 2013 for period 2-2 – Your group will do a 1 minute presentation on the project in front of the class.  If your project is digital format (digital poster, powerpoint, etc) it must be submitted via email to my gmail, the day BEFORE the due date (20 May for 1-4 and 21 May for 2-2).

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