Mini Science 10 Martin 15 Jan 2013

Test Ch 7 will be on Tuesday, 22 January 2013.

See the Moodle site for Ch 7 review questions with answers, as well as notes on the effects of radioactivity on organisms.  You may also wish to consult the website for the home version of the textbook, which contains many useful study resources and workbook practice problems in your test preparation.


Science 9 Martin 15 Jan 2013

Science test for Ch. 8 is in 16 Jan (2-2) and 17 Jan (1-4).

Complete Workbook section 9.2 and study for the Ch. 8 test.

Project videos – You will need to upload the video for your project to Youtube on or before 22 January 2013.  Before you do, please make sure that you have reviewed the video requirements (covered in class and posted in earlier blog entries) to make sure that you aren’t missing any needed components.

When you are ready to upload:

1. Please log into Gmail using your email account.

*Note – videos that you upload to your Youtube channel, which is connected to your Gmail account, will be public.

2. Click on Youtube on the top menu bar, and select “Upload.”

3. Choose the file and complete the upload.

4. Copy the URL and email it to me at

Videos will be posted in a playlist at Science9Martin Youtube Channel for you and your classmates to watch.

Science 10 Martin 10 January 2013

Finish workbook section 7.2 and read 7.3 in textbook. 

Visit the Moodle site for extra practice worksheets for Isotopes and Radioactivity (with answers).

Please use the Ch 7 review sheet (with answers) available on the Moodle site.  Also, visit the website for the online version of the textbook, workbook, and other study resources for your test preparation.

Test for Chapter 7 will be on Friday 18 January.

Science 9 Martin 7 Jan 2013

Finish the Circuit Diagram worksheet and bring to class Wednesday.

Be sure you are working on your project –  video summary is due 22 January by way of a link submitted to my gmail account:

If you have questions about the project please see me as soon as possible.  The information posted on this blog will be useful to you, so check previous posts for details on the project that we have already covered.

Remember to study for the mid-year exam that will take place during exam week, 27 January 2013 – 1 February 2013.  It will cover everything we’ve done so far in the course.

Biology 11 Martin 7 January 2013

Work on the questions from class on Viral/Bacterial disease and produce a diagram, written points, or paragraph descriptions (your choice) to describe how the body responds to and protects itself from viral/bacterial diseases, what parts/functions of the immune system are related to prevention of and response to viral/bacterial disease, and what we can do to minimize infection.  You may wish to consult chapters 17 and 45, and/or other sources.


Also, be sure you are studying for the mid-year exam, which will take place during the week of 27 Jan 2013 – 1 Feb 2013.  It will cover everything since the unit 1 exam.