Science 9 Martin 17 and 18 Dec 2012

Complete workbook section 8.1.

Do questions 1-8 on p. 279.

Remember to work on project – video will be due on 22 January 2013.  Be sure to include the following:

– Hypothesis (if/then statement)

– Purpose/Overview (what were you trying to find out? What did you do?)

– Observations/Results/Findings (what did you find out? what happened?)

– Conclusion (what science concept have you learned about?  what did your project tell you? do you reject your hypothesis? why or why not?)

(A note about your hypothesis:  A hypothesis cannot be said to be “true.”  You can either “reject” the hypothesis (if the results contradict it, for example) or “fail to reject” the hypothesis (if the results seem to support it.)  You cannot say that you “accept” the hypothesis, only that it was either rejected or not rejected.)

– What would you do differently if you were to do this project again?

You can speak or have text on the screen.  Be brief and organized (have a script written out that you read from, for example.)  Speak clearly and slowly.  Be sure the video is at least 1 minute long and no more than 5 minutes long.

The video will be uploaded to Youtube and you will submit the link to me in Moodle.

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