Science 9 Martin 22 October 2012

Continue to work on your Project Proposal – Due 31 October for Section 1-4 and 1 November for Section 2-2.

Be sure to include: 

Project Topic


Overview – brief summary of the project – What will you be doing?

Plan – detailed  explanation of how you will carry our your experiment.  Explain what you will be doing, what you will be measuring, how you will carry out the project, when you will take photographs or record data, etc. 

Materials – what items will you be using?  How many/much of each? What equipment will you need? etc

Collection of data – When and how often will you be collecting data?  How will you collect the data (eg. will you use a stop watch, ruler, or other device?  Will you be watching and taking notes?  How will you collect the data (eg. in a table, graph, etc)?  How often will you collect data? 

 The proposal should be 1-2 pages long.  Be sure to include enough information so that I could have a very good idea of what you will do.  Think of this as the plan to help you so that you can actually carry out the experiment next month.