Science 9 Martin 4 Oct 2012

Continue with workbook assignments.   Our goal is to complete the workbook sections relating to Ch. 2 by the end of next week.  Some of these pages have already been assigned.  Please go through the workbook and begin reading/doing the pages that have not yet been completed.  I will check the workbook at a later time.

Test – 11 October 2012 – Thursday – Chapter 2.

Study all Ch. 2 sections and related workbook sections.

Science 9 2-2 Martin 28 Sep 2012

Enrol in Moodle course sc9mart 2-2 by tonight, 28 Sep 2012.

Project topic, hypothesis (if….. then…..   statement) and experimental control due on Tuesday.  Write those three pieces of information on paper, include your name and the date, and hand in on Tuesday.

Finish Handout Worksheet “Formula and Name”

Finish p. 30-31 in Workbook.