Science 10 Martin 10 January 2013

Finish workbook section 7.2 and read 7.3 in textbook. 

Visit the Moodle site for extra practice worksheets for Isotopes and Radioactivity (with answers).

Please use the Ch 7 review sheet (with answers) available on the Moodle site.  Also, visit the website for the online version of the textbook, workbook, and other study resources for your test preparation.

Test for Chapter 7 will be on Friday 18 January.

Science 10 Martin 17 Dec 2012

Begin the reading of Section 7.1 in the textbook.  You may begin working on workbook section 7.1, also.

Moodle quiz on Ch. 6 is open again for those of you who did not remember to do it (yes, it is for marks).  You may have unlimited attempts until 11:59pm on Tuesday, 18 Dec. 

Also, it may be of benefit to you to visit the government website and attempt some of the sample Provincial exams.  Please go to and select “Provincial exams” and follow the prompts to find sample exams and keys for all Provincially examinable courses.

Science 10 Martin 13 Dec 2012

Study for Ch 6 test, Monday 17 Dec.  Review textbook and workbook and notes.  Complete workbook sections 6.1 and 6.2 if not already finished.  Check out online textbook and try the interactive quizzes as well as the study guides.

Quiz – Moodle site – complete before 11:59pm Sunday, 16 Dec.  Unlimited attempts so keep trying to get a good mark!