Life Sciences 11

Complete the dichotomous key(s) given in class.

On an 8.5″ X 14″ piece of paper (legal size), make a web/mind map of the 6 big questions to ask about an organism (based on our classification notes). Do this by hand (do not use a digital mind-map maker/tool).  Include the following: cell type, cell number, cell wall (present/absent/composition), nutritional mode, reproduction, motility. For each, give an explanation and an example. This must be in a web or mind map format, not simply a list. Check out this resource for some guidelines.

Life sciences 11

Review the 6 big ideas on p. 4 of workbook. Do the remaining questions in Unit B of the workbook (Taxonomy).

Finish the taxonomy handout to the best of your ability. Finish the scientific method crossword to the best of your ability.

begin reading ch 15 in text. Chs 1 and 2 already assigned.