Biology 12 all 12 Oct 2017

First test will take place for Biology on 16/17 October (depending on the block).

Be sure you have done all the readings, review sheets, reviewed the notes, watched the videos, etc.

For the test, please study chapters 1-3, 5, section 11.1, sections 24.1 (structure) and 24.2, as well as safety and scientific method.

Biology 11 2-2 and 2-4 12 Oct 2017 and 1-1 13 Oct 2017

Study for the test (Monday, 16 Oct for blocks 2-2 and 2-4 and Tuesday 17 Oct for Block 1-1): Chapters 1-5, 7, 8 (8-2), Safety, scientific method, notes, case studies, videos, etc.

Another video that may be helpful (see earlier videos in previous blog posts, as well):

Origin of life on earth – Bozeman science:

Julia Child’s Primordial Soup video

Science 9 2-3 10 Oct 2017 and 1-4 11 Oct 2017

Please finish Activity 4-2B on p. 143. Each person should hand in their own assignment. Be sure your assignment is neat, all headings are underlined, and you answer in complete sentences.

If you already have the workbook, please complete pages 2-4, and read section 5.2 in the textbook, which is the matching section. The safety section at the beginning of the workbook has already been assigned, and should be completed as a review.

If you do not have the workbook, please remember to bring $10 next class. If there is any concern with the workbook deposit, please see me or your counsellor.

Test – next Monday (2-3) and Tuesday (1-4): Study the safety and scientific method sections (in textbook, workbook, and in the notes), as well as chapter 4 (DNA, mutations).