Biology 11 3 March 2017

Finish the earthworm lab and be sure the pink diagram (external anatomy) includes the following labels:

  • anterior, posterior, ventral, dorsal surfaces
  • segments, clitellum
  • mouth, anus
  • bristles (or setae)
  • any reproductive openings you observed

Mini Science 10 3 March 2017

Research the following (may be collected; will be discussed):

  1. what actual particles are fused most commonly in nuclear fusion?
  2. what temperature is needed for fusion reactions to begin? to be sustained?
  3. what is cold fusion? is it possible?
  4. what is plasma?
  5. how is plasma contained in neon lights?
  6. are there other examples of plasma use in technology and/or industry?
  7. what is a takamak? a stellarator?
  8. in fusion, the structures surrounding the reaction may become radioactive. ┬áis it really as “clean” as the public and media believe?