Mini Science 10 13 October 2016

Look up the octet rule and how it relates to ionic and covalent compounds. Be sure you are comfortable naming ionic (including polyatomic ions and multivalent metals) and covalent compounds. Finish the practice questions assigned in class. Complete the periodic table family/group presentation and be ready to present next class (Monday). Please share the presentation with me by Sunday night. Thank you.

Biology 2-3 11 Oct 2016

Work on the “Between the living and the dead” virus questions, as assigned in class (use the same number questions as your presentation (1-8), and also do questions 9 and 10). Be prepared to share with your group when you arrive in class, and then with the whole class (jigsaw activity). Please return the case study handout next class, so that I can re-use them. Thank you. Be sure you have read 17-1 (viruses) and 17-2 (bacteria) in the text.

Science 9 all

Be sure you can define (in your own words) the following terms:

  1. double helix
  2. anti-parallel
  3. base pair
  4. complimentary strand

Also, briefly define mitosis and meiosis in your own words.