Mini Science 10 Martin 8 March 13

Please send me your video idea – Heat transfer.   Video is due Friday, 15 March.  Maximum 1 minute in length.  Uploaded to Youtube and the link emailed to me at

Read the notes on the Moodle site.  Pay special attention to the terms listed in the notes.   Be sure to have read the textbook sections 10.1 and 10.2 by next class.

Mini Science 10 Martin 6 Mar 2013

Read section 10.1 in the textbook.  Submit to Goodle docs your idea for a video demonstrating heat transfer.

Be specific about the subject of the video and how you will demonstrate the concept, and which mode of heat transfer you will be focusing on.

Video will be no longer than one minute, and will be uploaded to Youtube and the link submitted to me.

Due 15 March.

Mini Science 10 Martin 26 Feb 13

Finish Sample Provincial Exam questions 51-57 and 61-64 from the “Sample B Exam 2011/2012” available on the BCED website (  Show all work on paper for the questions listed.

Write one exam question based on Chapter 9.  Include the solution showing all work , submit to Google docs.

Test Ch 9 Wednesday 7 March.