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Anatomy Take Home

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Anatomy and Physio: Take Home Exam


“Written in the Code”


Your mission to prove understanding of two processes involving DNA.


The two processes you need to explore are:


  • The process and function of replication.
  • The process and function of Protein synthesis.


You will show proficiency in understand by completing three specific challenges


Challenge one:

You are to provide a detailed diagram that shows the both structures and functions of   biomolecules involved with DNA replication.

You are to provide a detailed diagram that shows the structures and functions of biomolecules in the process of  Protein Synthesis.

You are to show all steps of this process including what initiates and stops it.

Your diagram should be a hybrid of many diagrams found within your notes, text and online.

Your diagram should include at least 36 terms found in your references.

( You can make a combined list of terms and processes prior to making the diagram)

Your reference should be a bibliography.


Challenge Two

For each process you need to write a one page (two sided) translational story to discuss the process.

A translational process can be a children’s story, a screenplay, but not a step by step text book description!

Extra mark will be added for creativity.


Challenge Three: Pragmatic Example.

You are to find three practical examples for how replication is linked to either medicine or bioengineering.

You are to find three practical examples of how is DNA and protein synthesis associated with

Gene therapy or biological research.

You provide a descriptive paragraph for each example.

One example should be from popular media.

One example should be from a crediable science resource.

One example should be an abstract from a current lab


Challenge Four: Find and answer 2 BC provincial written questions

Look up versions of BC provincial Biology exam questions  (written portion) and select two questions for each process. You should also include answer key.


The bonus round…Make a link between your two stories to show links associated with the replication of DNA and the process of protein synthesis. What is a link? How do your two stories show commonality between replication and protein synthesis



Mission One Below Expectations Meet Expectation Exceeds expectations
Mission One Clarrity in diagram

Table that Includes total minimum 36 terms.

Shows each stage of process

Has a biobliography

Colour coded for processes

Has labels to show specific process

Mission  Two 2 stories

Type written

Two sides of one paper per story.

Words are highlighted

Creativity factor added for style of story

Mission Three Should have a total of six paragraphs,  type written with bibliography.

3 levels

a) Common News/Media

b) Scholastic reference ( from a university source ).

c) specific abstract from a lab


Mission Four Total of 4 provincial written questions (two per topic) with answer key


Bonus Explain link between two stories



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